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you did not choose any valid case name
we offer case name "test" to you now.
insert new data into the acidbase database
please - be careful choosing the units for your measurements!
there are plenty of different units used around the world - preferentially use SI units!
case name test  
case ID number 73  
hospital   optional information, default derived from your ip-adress  
date of measurement adapt as necessary:     format
time of measurement adapt as necessary:     format
e-mail adress
(optional, kept strictly confidential!)
you can write "at" instead of "@"   we are constantly improving the scripts
and might like to contact you!
clinical data
required data
age 37   years if less than a year old, use age 1 year nonetheless!
sex male      
primary pathology     the primary pathologic process in this case
choose from the list!
optional data
secondary pathology      
tertiary pathology      
primary diagnosis     not required, but welcome!
write free text - optional data!
secondary diagnosis    
tertiary diagnosis    
respiration type      
chemical data
required data
BE (base excess) read more!   mEq/l required for cross-checking purposes
read more! about the influence of serum Na+ on its ionic activity
normal value for Na 
adjust for the values at your institution!
K   mmol/l  
Cl   mmol/l may you make an educated guess about chloride?
NO - why???:   read more!
normal value for Cl 
adjust for the values at your institution!
PCO2   be careful choosing the unit!
(mmHg or kPa - this is essential!)
the most prominent of the weak acids
read more!
  may you make an educated guess about albumin?
yes - BUT:   read more!
optional data
lithium   mmol/l  
(total, not free or "ionised") read more!
lactate   registering this value is strongly recommended!
haemoglobin   only useful for calculating UIX (unknown ion excess)
(if not given, a value of 6 mmol/l / 100g/l is assumed.)
osmolality (freezepoint method)   mosmol/l only required if you want to calculate the osmotic gap,
strongly recommended in cases of intoxication or ketoacidosis
ethanol or other osmotically active substances
(1 %o ethanol is 21 mosmol/l)
  mosmol/l do not register anionic substances like hydroxybutyrate (because their osmotic effect is already accounted for by the corresponding kation)
did you "buffer" with trometamol (THAM), e.g. as tribonate®?
read more!
we do not require registering the haemoglobin value - WHY? read more!
please tell us about bugs, write about your suggestions!
write to us

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