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Case ID number    
Case name   only a part of the case name is needed; try amn-2 to see a case of diabetic ketoacidosis
Primary diagnosis   only a part of the diagnosis is needed; try ketoacid to see cases of ketoacidosis
Date of registration   Format YYYYMMDD (only a part of these data is needed):
today is: 20210420
pH (min) (max)    
PCO2 (min) (max) kPa  
XA (Unknown Anions) (min) (max) mEq/l The measure for non-chloride metabolic acidosis;   read more!
the difference: [Na+] - [Cl-] (min) (max) mmol/l the measure for the acid-base effect of chloride, normally around 35 mmol/l;   read more!