Welcome to the analysis module!

Here, you can analyse your patient's acid base data using the Stewart approach.

Or you can take a look at data already entered by you or others.

As a bonus, we have provided tools to simulate acid base scenarios based on your data. For example - what would the patient's serum pH be, if albumin were normal?

Finally you can also calculate osmotic and anion gaps.

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Please, please be careful choosing the units, especially for PCO2 and albumin!
(choosing the wrong units leads to grossly false results)

Enter new data:
(all calculations based on the formulae for weak acid dissociation in human plasma!)

acid-base related calculations in general

(test data will be deleted from time to time)

register and calculate osmolality-related data only

(minimal data required: serum Na, serum K, glucose; better with urea and osmolality measured with the freeze-point method, best with a full acid-base and electrolyte dataset)   this part of the scripts is unfinished work - be patient with imperfections ....

calculate SIG, A- and Atot from albumin (or total protein), KA, SID, PCO2:
(allowing you to make calculations based on different weak acid dissociation properties, e.g. for veterinary acid-base analysis)

take a look at existing data:

go to the downloads module:
(Here you can find several spreadsheet calculators, among others Peter Lloyd's AcidBaseCalculator.)


idea by Paul Elbers, MD, PhD  Intensivist and Cardiac Anaesthesiologist   (Department of Intensive Care, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands )
scripting by Rainer Gatz, ( Herlev Hospital, ICU, Copenhague, Denmark)